... than paying a ton of money for "professional" quality boards only to have the first line you lay down bleed out like using a marker on tissue paper.

Since Eon began in 1997, owner Brett Thompson has tested each potentially new EON Board with a variety of quality control ink tests. Primarily testing with a 102 nib and variety of ink brands, EON tests its boards in-house as well as using professional comic book artists and inkers to test and review our products.

Just a few of the many professional artists who use Eon Comic Art Boards are Freddie E Williams II (DC Comics & Dark Horse), art team Brett Booth & Norm Rapmund (DC Comics), Siya Oum (Aspen Comics), Inker Diana Greenhalgh (IDW), Ray Anthony-Height, and the late-great Jeremy Dale (Action Lab).

EON recommends certain brands of inks over others based on ink tests and professional feedback.

Those inks are (in order of strongest recommendation):
• Eon Vortex Matte Black Ink
• Kuretake Sumi Ink
• Dr Martins Black Star India Ink Matte
• Speedball Super Black
• Liquitex Professional Acrylic
• FW Acrylic Artists Ink
• Winsor & Newton India Ink
• Higgins Eternal Ink

Inks that have proven to give mixed results depending on application (brush vs nib) are:
• Koh-I-Noor Ultradraw 3085 (performs well with brush but bleeds with 102 nib - various other nibs like 107, 108, "G" nib, and Leonardt 30 nib work well)
• Higgins Black Magic (avoid like the plague)

Eon encourages artistic experimentation and has discovered from other artists that EON HD Boards perform extremely well with Copic Markers.

Please store your Eon Comic Art Boards in a cool dry space. If you experience poor line quality from any of the above recommended inks, please contact Brett Thompson immediately for replacement pages.

Just as it was in 1997 when Eon launched, our goal is to provide Comic Art Professionals (and future professionals) with THE BEST art board available on the market. We are even currently developing our own custom board that we hope to offer in early 2015 (pending the approval of our professional testers).